Saturday, January 10, 2009

Village Voice Dumps Nat Hentoff

It didn't really come as a big surprise to me this morning to learn that the Village Voice has laid off the legendary Nat Hentoff. The Village Voice has pretty much been an ineffectual dinosaur for too many years now, and has long since outlived its meager usefulness. Now they've laid off the one person who still gave their rag a shred of credibility.

Think I'm being hyperbolic? Check out their website, or the screenshot I just took of their front page. These people consider an interview with scumbag gossip-columnist Perez Hilton to be front-page news. Other scintillating articles considered vital by their website at this moment include "How tacky will the inauguration balls be?" and "My boyfriend became an ugly fatty, help!"

Newspapers are dying all over the world at a rapid rate, and the Village Voice looks poised to be next on the list, having committed seppuku with this extremely bad play. Good riddance to 'em, I say.